How many kilograms does a Bengal cat weigh? How tall is a bengal cat? How long does a bengal cat live? What are the characteristics of the Bengal cat?

Bengal Cat Characteristics, Bengal Cat Origin, Bengal Cat Dimensions – Weight, What is a Bengal Cat?

Bengal Cat Characteristics, Bengal Cat Origin, Bengal Cat Dimensions – Weight, What is a Bengal Cat?

Bengal Cat Characteristics

The average life expectancy is 14-16 years. It is one of the largest domestic cats. Male individuals weigh between 4.5-6.8 kg and females between 3.6-5.4 kg. Requires minimal hair çare. He likes to play with water. He is very clever. It has endless energy. It is necessary to be attentive and caring in order not to get bored. It gets along well with other animals and children.

Bengal Cat Origin

Considering their size and mottled fur, Bengal cats can be considered to have a close relationship with wild forest cats. But by contrast, Bengal cats come from the Asian Leopard cat, a small cat species that lives in Asia. Moreover, the Asian Leopard cat is a very domesticated breed.

Bengal cats, which have spread rapidly since the 1960s, were produced from California as a result of the work of Jean Mill. Although a different breed of cat has been studied, Mill, who created Bengal cats, worked in partnership with universities to get this breed officially recognized. In 1991, Bengal cats were recognized as an entirely new breed by the international community.

When we examine cats in 6 criteria, the Bengal cat is ideal for keeping at home. Being very intelligent, communicating with children, being active and fun, and especially being easy to care for, increases the interest in this cat. We rated the Bengal cat according to its features for you.

With Children – 8/10
Intelligence – 10/10
Mobility – 8/10
Need of Care – 3/10
Acting – 8/10
Trainability – 6/10

Bengal Cat Dimensions – Weight

Bengal cats are considered among the large cat breeds. Bengal cats, whose average weight starts at 3.5 kilograms, can reach a weight of 7 kilograms or even much more.

Bengal Cat Character

This cat breed is extremely active and intelligent. This cat breed, which you will enjoy living with, can sometimes cause difficulties. Due to its constantly alert nature, your cat will watch your every move and can bring outplay from anything.

Thanks to being highly intelligent, Bengal cats, which can develop different habits, can give you a hard time at home. Some Bengal cats can spend time with them when you are not at home, producing games from operations such as turning lights on and off, turning your computer on and off, especially with a button. Most Bengal cats love to turn DVD players on and off.

Bengal cats love to play with water. These cats, who want to be with their owner while taking a shower, enjoy playing with fountains. The character of Bengal cats who like to climb and be at heights can cause them to move around the house all the time on closets.


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  1. Hello there,

    Actually, I am already taking my cats to the vet, but I wanted to consult you as well.

    I have 3 sterile cats at home. While these cats were living very well, especially after the children were born, they started to urinate outside of the toilet and even on the children’s belongings. They urinate in the children’s crib, carpet, bathroom and other places. Lastly, they made it to the ironing food: rolleyes: Since my wife and I are working, we cannot determine which cat is doing it.

    I sometimes see redness around the toilet. One of the cats had previously been operated on for urinary stones. I took it again last Saturday, but the controls came out clean. Now I would like to have their blood values ​​checked (a bit expensive, but nothing to do).

    My questions:
    Why do cats urinate outside the toilet? Could they be jealous of the kids?
    How do I completely solve this pee thing?
    Which cat has urinated where, is it possible to detect this when I am not at home?
    Do you have any suggestions?

    1. First you have to determine which cat it is. You can place a camera at home for this. Then you have to train for that cat. You can find this tutorial in the video gallery section of our website.

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