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Bengal Cat for Sale Rhode Island

Bengal Cat for Sale Rhode Island

When you start looking for a Bengali cat, the first problem or question that is asked is: why is the price of the Bengal cat so different from one cat to another? And it is that the price of the Bengal cat in Rhode Island can vary from 500 euros to 2500 euros. What a surprise! And now … Which Bengal cat should I choose? Why is this variation in the price of the Bengal cat due?

The answer has a common sense component on the one hand and a very important technical component on the other. Let’s look at the different factors or characteristics that influence the price of the Bengal cat.

We could identify three main factors that directly influence the price of the Bengal cat in Rhode Island . The quality, the guarantee and the purpose for which the kitten is intended.

The price of the Bengal cat, for pets or for breeding?

It is a common question that is often asked when it comes to finding out about the price of the Bengal cat . It is known that the Bengal cat is one of the most expensive and sought-after cat breeds in the world .

The price of the Bengal cat bought to be incorporated into a breeding program can range between 3,500 and 5,000 euros.

That is, the reproduction rights could multiply the price of the cat by two or three with respect to a cat acquired as a pet. This is so because the market in this sector is highly globalized and internationalized, these being the prices to be paid by any breeder who wishes to renew his blood.

Obviously few families could buy a Bengal cat at these prices. Therefore, the measure adopted by breeders is to lower the price for those whose only interest is to enjoy the Bengal cat. This is the subject at hand. The price of Bengal cats bought as a pet, which is 95%.

The quality of the Bengal cat obviously influences the price.

A peculiarity that the Bengal cat has is that there are no two identical cats in the world. Bengali cats have a unique fingerprint which are the spots or rosettes on their body. The size of the rosettes as well as position, design, color orientation etc. makes each cat unique. We can find Bengali cats where the quality of their coat, their morphology, head, tail differ greatly from each other. This directly influences the price of the Bengali cat.

Normally we can find the cheapest prices in pet stores or people who breed particularly. This is because normally the standard and the commitment to the quality of these centers is not at the forefront of the breeding and development of the Bengal cat.

They are usually cats of a much lower quality than those that can be found in a specialized kennel. They are not normally purebred Bengal cats (no pedigree).

They are also usually cats of very old bloodlines etc. Cats imported from animal farms in eastern countries, where selection and quality is not a priority. This type of Bengal cat is usually in price ranges between 500 and 800 euros.

On the other hand, we can find higher quality cats in Rhode Island Bengali cat breeders, usually at a higher price. Even in these centers, some Bengal cats may be of higher quality than others.

Bengal cat breeders usually rate each kitten individually based on the Bengal breed standard.

This will make the price of Bengal cat vary even in cats of the same litter. In addition, it must also be said that not all breeders in Rhode Island have the same quality in their cats.

For this reason, it will be important to identify who could have the most outstanding or beautiful cats. The price in Bengal cats that we can find in Rhode Island farms can range between 900 and 2,500 euros depending on the quality that each breeder works.

The main factors that make the price vary in this range are: morphology, colors, contrast, hair quality, etc.

The guarantee: Perhaps the most influential factor in the price of the Bengal cat.

So far, we have talked about how the different qualities and the purpose for which the Bengal cat is acquired influences its price. But without a doubt, the guarantee, in all aspects of the cat, would be the most important. When we talk about a guarantee, we are mainly talking about a sanitary guarantee, but also a guarantee of purity, good care, good character …

Normally the cheapest cats in the price range do not usually have a health guarantee even though they say yes. This is mainly because the main diseases of the Bengal cat are genetic, which, in order to identify them, it is necessary to identify the kitten’s parents. As we said previously, the lowest priced Bengal cats are those sold in stores and individuals where the origin of the kittens is unknown.

On the other hand, being able to guarantee the cat’s perfect health requires a multitude of tests. These tests are of all kinds, congenital, viral, bacteriological … which will increase the price of the Bengal cat

There are also other factors to take into account: a good character, raised in the family, diet, consanguinity, purity, treatment received, etc. Which requires time, dedication and work being logical that this increases the costs of the Bengal cat. In addition, regulated breeders are subject to an ethical breeding code, they must pay taxes, social security, new litters, pedigrees, etc.


As a summary we could say that the price of the Bengal cat that has a guarantee of quality, purity and health will always exceed 1000 euros in the case of the most “normal”.

All those who tend to be below should instill some kind of suspicion. In any case, as we said at the beginning, the Bengal cat is characterized by showing its quality and beauty very well. Even the least knowledgeable, if they pay attention, will be able to identify those cats that have the highest quality.

Our particular recommendation is to buy a Bengal cat from a breeder specialized in the breed hosted by a national phenyl club. This will always be a greater guarantee. Subsequently, choose the kitten that we like and above all, require documentary genetic and viral veterinary tests that offer us sufficient guarantee that the kitten is totally healthy.


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