How many kittens does a Bengal cat have at first birth? How many kittens does a Bengal cat give birth to? What should be considered during pregnancy?

Bengal Cat Pregnancy

The Bengal cat usually has four to six kittens from one birth. Although it is very rare, it is known that there are times when only one baby is born or twelve babies are born at once. This number usually varies with the age, health, and genetic predisposition of the cat.

One or two puppies are usually expected to be present at the first birth. The number of kittens is expected to increase as the mother cat’s body gets used to it, but too frequent kittens tire the mother cat and may cause health problems. The older the male and female cat, the less the number of kittens, and if they are both young, the number of kittens increases. But if the mother cat is very young, then the number of kittens is expected to be small regardless of the male cat’s age.

Puppies need to stay with the mother for at least 8-12 weeks. Early separation of puppies from the mother can cause some serious problems; In the case of early separation from the mother, there are difficulties in socializing and aggressive behaviors. In order not to encounter problems such as the possibility of getting the disease, we recommend that you do not buy puppies from the breeders who separate them from the mother before 12 weeks. You can switch from breast milk to kitten food when they are 5-8 weeks old. You should pay attention to feeding 3-4 times a day and giving the amount recommended by your veterinarian.

After 6 weeks of age, you can make an appointment with your veterinarian to start their vaccinations.

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