Can Bengal Cats Eat Cucumber? - BENGAL CAT

You may have noticed that your Bengal cat is showing interest in the cucumber you eat as part of a salad, sandwich, or other meal.  Let’s see if your cat can eat cucumber or not.

The good news is that cucumber is safe for Bengal cats.

In fact, cucumber is probably one of the best vegetables you can feed your cat, because of:

High water content. Cucumbers contain almost 95% water, which means they will help keep your Bengal hydrated. A cup of cucumber slices has almost as much hydrating potential as a cup of water! This means that cucumber could be a good snack option for a Bengal who doesn’t like to drink a lot of water, or if you live in a hot or dry environment. The only thing to consider here is that excessive consumption of cucumber could lead to diarrhea due to high water intake.
Cucumber is packed with vitamins, minerals and nutrients that are beneficial for health. For example, cucumber is one of the richest sources of vitamin K.
Low in calories, fat and sugar. Many of the treats people love to feed their Bengals are high in calories from fat and sugar (even some supposedly healthy store-bought pet treats). Cucumber has very few calories, and basically no fat or sugar. This makes them a healthy and nutritious option that will not go a long way in making your Bengal fat.

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