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Can Bengal Cats Eat Pork?

Pork is one of the most popular meats in the world, and many humans from different cultures enjoy it in a variety of different dishes. But what about your beloved Bengal cat? Is it safe for him to eat pork? You might have a nice pork chop or roast pork, and your cat decides he wants to taste your meal. If so, is it safe for you to offer them a bite or two? Let’s find out!

Can Bengal Cats Eat Pork?

Is Pork Safe For Bengal Cats?

You can feed your Bengal cat a pork treat every now and then. While you wouldn’t want to make this the only food you feed your cat, it’s fine for an occasional treat. Pork is high in protein (which is essential for cats) and your precious pet will likely love the meaty taste. Therefore, if you tuck into a nice pork chop, you can feel good about giving your Bengal a small slice. However, it’s important to remember that pork – like most other human foods – should only be food “sometimes” for your cat. Too much could promote weight gain as it is high in calories (relative to your cat’s nutritional needs). One of the worst health risks for your Bengal is excessive weight gain, so be careful here.

Avoid Raw Pork

While feeding your Bengal an occasional pork treat is fine and not going to be harmful, we recommend that you avoid raw pork. Chances are this is fine, but raw pork can massively increase your cat’s risk of getting parasites (raw pork is known to carry parasites). There is also a greater risk of your cat catching another insect or disease from raw pork than from cooked pork. We just don’t think it’s worth it – your cat will likely love cooked pork just as much, and it’s much safer for you.

Be Careful With Sauces And Other Ingredients

Another thing to consider is that we humans often like to cover our included pork food – with various sauces and seasonings. Not only do these add a lot of calories (often from “low nutrient” sources such as sugar and fat), they can also be loaded with salt, preservatives, and even chemicals that are potentially harmful to your cat. .



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