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Can Bengal Cats Eat Raw Chicken?

Can Bengal Cats Eat Raw Chicken?

Raw chicken is dangerous for human consumption – we all know that. Although some cultures incorporate raw chicken as a delicacy, it is generally one of the foods most at risk for humans to eat raw. Just about everyone has experienced (or knows someone who has) food poisoning after eating raw or improperly prepared chicken. But what about the Bengal cats?

Is raw chicken safe for Bengal cats?

In order to understand the answer to this question, it is important to note the following points:

Bengal cats (like all cats) are obligate carnivores. Their digestive systems and bodies evolved to run on meat-based diets.
In the wild, cats hunt and eat their prey raw. When was the last time you saw a wildlife documentary where a cat killed its prey and then grill it on a barbecue or heat it in the microwave !! Cats are able to eat meat that would likely lead to food poisoning in humans.
Cats have a shorter digestive tract which reduces the risk of bacteria and parasites. They also have different stomach acids etc. Therefore, raw chicken is generally safe for cats, and Bengal cats can therefore eat raw chicken.

Security Considerations

While we’ve established that Bengal cats can certainly eat raw chicken, there are safety considerations to make it less likely that any harm will come to your cat.

  • If you are going to feed your raw chicken bengal, make it as fresh as possible. One way to think about this is to not feed your bengal any raw chicken that you wouldn’t cook and eat yourself.
  • Be careful when handling raw chicken to feed your cat – just because you don’t eat it, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t follow proper “chicken handling” guidelines like washing your hands thoroughly afterwards. to have touched.
  • Factory-raised chicken may be more likely to harbor bacteria or parasites than chicken raised in the free-range or in the home. Some experts suggest freezing factory-raised chicken for a week (then thawing it) before feeding it.


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