What is Flea Drops For Cats? Is Cat Flea Drops a Solution Against Fleas? Are Cat Flea Drops Harmful to Cats? How to Use Cat Flea Drops?

Flea Drops for Cats, Cat Flea Collar

Flea Drops For Cats

One of the most common problems faced by cat owners when summer comes, and we think the most important is the flea and tick problem and the associated increased need for the use of cat flea drops. This is a really important problem because it is very difficult to get rid of fleas quickly and definitely. The reason for this is that they are found almost everywhere and densely. In this article, we will try to convey what we know about what needs to be done to get rid of fleas.

Is Cat Flea Drops a Solution Against Fleas?

In general, we can say that it is a very good solution. However, during periods of high flea density, there is a perception by cat owners that flea drops are insufficient. However, this is not the right approach. Then why does such a perception arise? The reason is very simple. A cat owner who uses cat flea drops thinks the flea medicine will kill all fleas instantly. Yes, although not immediately, all fleas on the cat die when they try to feed on the cat, by being affected by the drug. But fleas that have not yet bitten or fed the cat are not affected by the drug.

That’s one side of it. On the other hand, while the fleas on the cat die, other fleas in the environment continue to come on the cat. As long as this circulation continues, it is possible to see fleas on the cat constantly. This gives rise to a misconception that cat flea drops do not work. There is no need to be afraid of fleas as long as a quality brand is chosen when choosing flea drops for cats. That flea drop must be working.

Can Fleas Live and Reproduce at Home?

Yes, fleas can live and multiply in your home. Especially in houses with more than one cat, a dense flea population can be seen. It is not always easy to get rid of this situation with simple solutions. What you need to do in this regard is to take other precautions if there are intense fleas in your environment. For example, it may be beneficial to consider spraying your home against fleas. Today, there are new generation drugs that do not harm the environment and animals and are used. A reliable pest control company can help you with this.

If there are coal yards or warehouse-style places in your garden and they are not well-maintained, you may consider cleaning and spraying those areas. Do not allow excessive accumulation of dust and hair in nooks and crannies at home. Especially the old type heating cores and wooden and parquet style floor coverings are the places where fleas are most easily accommodated. Regular and persistent use of vacuum cleaners and regular spraying of cats with flea drops contribute to the solution of the problem.

Many cat owners think that fleas will harm them too. However, fleas do not like human-biting because the human body temperature is lower than the cat. Of course, there may be occasional bites, but that doesn’t mean the person is the primary target. The people most affected by fleas are those who have an allergic reaction to flea bites or flea contact. Other than that, many people do not even know that fleas are crawling on them.

Are Cat Flea Drops Harmful to Cats?

If your cat does not have an allergy to the flea drops for the cat you have used, it will not do any harm. Of course, when we say this, we are talking about good quality flea drops that have proven themselves and have been used for years. When you are moving to buy cheap cat flea drops, you don’t have to buy flea drops that are fake, illegal, or unknown, but touted as a substitute medicine. Please do not take any chances in this matter and get help from your veterinarian.

In cats who are allergic to flea drops, a reaction may occur after the use of the drug on the nape, where flea drops are usually used. While this reaction is sometimes evident within a few hours, it sometimes manifests itself with rashes on the skin in the area where the drug comes into contact with, a few days later. Generally, fatal reactions do not occur, but caution should still be exercised and veterinary assistance should be sought if a reaction occurs. Owners of multiple cats should be a little more careful when using drops for all their cats. Because cats living in the same house sometimes tend to lick and clean the medicated areas, as they also clean each other. If large amounts of medication are taken by mouth, your cat may experience more severe reactions or symptoms of poisoning.

How to Use Cat Flea Drops?

The rule of thumb when using a cat flea drop is to apply it where the cat cannot lick the drop. The most suitable place for this is the name of the cat. If it is applied in the area between the ears in a line extending down just in the middle of the nape, it is unlikely that the cat will lick that area. However, you’d better pay attention for a few hours in case he wipes his neck with his paws and then licks his paws.

You should use the flea drops regularly once a month. Of course, if there are different durations of use according to the drug, you should arrange this timing accordingly. Applying flea drops to the cat is not a very difficult process. Sometimes the biggest problem can be having trouble keeping the cat still. In such a case, you can ask for the help of someone from the household or go to your veterinarian.

After applying the drug, it would be good not to touch the area with water for at least a day so that its effect does not decrease or even disappear.

If an allergic reaction occurs, immediately wash the area with plenty of water and go to your veterinarian and seek help. If a systemic allergy has developed, your cat’s face may also become red and swollen. If there is poisoning as a result of licking, your cat may experience weakness, reluctance, sleepiness, or tremors. In both cases, you should contact your veterinarian as soon as possible.

Flea drops should not be used on kittens until at least 6 weeks have passed.
Do not apply flea drops to kittens that have not yet been separated from their mother, even if they are over 6 weeks old. Because the mother may want to clean the kittens, and therefore the problem of poisoning may arise.

If you are allergic to the active ingredient in flea drops, you should not touch the drug with your bare hands as much as possible, and if you have to touch it, you should wash your hands quickly. You should also try not to touch the flea drops applied to cats under normal conditions.

Although the application of cat flea drops varies according to the medicine you will use in the summer, it should generally be applied once a month. Although some newly released drugs are applied every 3 months, they are new and not widely used products yet. For this reason, flea drops should be applied once a month for the cat we know classically.

Since the flea problem is much less in the winter months, cat owners who have one or more cats at home should continue to use it once a month or every 2 months, depending on the situation. Because flea exchanges between cats can cause the problem to continue.

Don’t try to get rid of fleas by using regular cat shampoos. Because fleas are not parasites that you can get rid of by washing your cat. If your veterinarian recommends a flea shampoo with flea medicine in it, you can use this shampoo against fleas.

Cat Flea Collar

In addition to the use of flea drops, you can also use a cat flea collar for cats. The cat flea collar is used by attaching it to the neck of cats. Although the effects vary by brand and quality, their mode of action is the same. In addition to fleas, they are generally effective against ticks. That’s why they are often referred to as cat flea tick collars.

A quality cat flea collar will not harm your cat’s health at all. Yes, chemical-based flea collars may look scary, but the ingredients are made up of active ingredients that are not harmful to cats. If you are still very nervous, you can also use a herbal cat flea collar. An herbal flea collar can be a good alternative for you with its pleasant smell and water-resistant. In addition, contrary to the general belief that they will not work against fleas, they are very effective products against fleas.

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  1. There is one kitten in our garden. My kids found it from somewhere and brought it. I didn’t see the mother cat around. My children are constantly handling the cat. They hug and love. The kitten is also so beautiful that I didn’t want to send it. There may be parasites in the cat. I do not know. I am thinking of buying cat flea drops for the health of the children and the cat. Do you have an affordable, effective brand you would recommend?

    1. We witness a lot of kittens dying from parasitic drugs. If the cat does not have parasites, we do not recommend using them anyway. Mother cats clean their kittens by licking them. It takes it by the neck and carries it to various places. Cleaning the area or holding it from that area before the effect of the drug wears off can kill the mother by poisoning. This can happen to kittens too. If he licks himself from the place you spray, he can die by poisoning. Do not take what anyone but the veterinarian says, especially when it comes to sensitive creatures such as kittens. While cat parasite drops are easy to use, the results can be severe.

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