What are the prices of male cat neutering and female cat neutering? What should be done in cat neutering? How to care after sterilization?

Cat Spaying Prices, Should a Cat be Spayed, How to Neuter a Cat?

Hello, dear pet lovers.
Our topic today is for those who ask whether I should have my cat neutered. We will give some information and advice on this subject. Recently, we see that pet owners search for Petsmart near me for sterilization procedures. Neutering a cat is a controversial issue. While some advocate for them to experience the feelings of motherhood like humans, others advocate neutering for the future of the offspring. It has been difficult to find homes for cats lately. The number of people who want to own a cat is small, but the number of cats is very high. The shelters are also full and not all animals are well cared for. Perhaps neutering some of the stray cats is necessary for their future. There are thousands of cats dying of hunger and thirst. This does not mean that we are doing them a disservice. The neutered cat is also protected against some types of cancer and diseases. Pet cat owners should also go to the nearest sterilization clinic if they are unable to care for the kittens. It is not right to leave the puppies out on the street if you can’t find someone to take care of them.

Neutering surgery in cats is performed for reasons such as preventing health problems that may occur in the long term, supporting cats to have a longer and healthier life, and preventing uncontrolled breeding due to a large number of pets in need of care. Within the scope of the female cat sterilization operation, the uterus and ovaries are removed, and in the male cat sterilization operation, the testicles are removed. Male and female cat neutering is not a harmful operation. This operation has important known benefits. There are some precautions to be taken for the smooth completion of the operation and the post-operative recovery process.

Cat Neutering Prices

Sterilization is charged over the surgical application and the surgery schedule. The transaction fee varies according to the drugs used during the procedure, the animal, and the animal’s gender and clinic. On average, the fees are as follows:
Spaying a female cat $60-100
Male cat neutering $40-80

Female Cat Neutering

According to researches, the period when female cats first come into heat is between 6 and 8 months. After this period, the female cat can be sterilized by going to the sterilization clinics.

Male Cat Neutering

According to scientific research, male cats have completed eighty percent of their development and should reach a weight of three kilograms. This corresponds to an average of 7 – 8 months. To be neutered, the milk teeth must have fallen and the permanent teeth must have erupted. After this period, the male cat can be neutered by going to sterilization clinics.

Cat Care After Neutering

After neutering, the cat should not be allowed to move too much or stay still for a long time. You should spend time with him and continue to play, but you should not allow him to climb, jump, jump and run upstairs until the stitches are completely healed.

If your cat has stitches after the neutering operation, it is important to follow the stitches. Until the wound is completely healed, using a collar is a very good choice. Using an Elizabethan collar to prevent the cat from licking and biting the seam area is a much easier and more functional solution than keeping your cat in constant view. Dressing in line with the recommendations given by the veterinarian is also very important in terms of the fast and trouble-free recovery of the stitches. After the cat neutering surgery, the veterinarian should go to the control when he deems it appropriate and it should be understood if there is any problem. If you encounter swelling, redness, or inflammation in the operation area during this process, you should inform your doctor and take precautions at an early stage.


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