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Can you bathe cats?

Some cats are so dirty that the question arises as to whether cats should be bathed. Bathing is not usually necessary as cats are naturally clean and will normally groom themselves. However, there may be instances where the cat is unable to do this or where routine grooming is not enough. Can you bathe cats? […]

Research: The most aggressive of all cat breeds is the Van cat.

At the University of Helsinki, extensive research was carried out on the character and behavior of cats. In a study conducted with more than 4,300 cats from 26 different breeds, the most fearful Russian blue cat was the Van cat, while the most aggressive type was the Van cat. Scientists from the University of Helsinki in […]

The Most Expensive Cat Breeds in the World

If you are wondering which are the most expensive cat breeds in the world , do not miss this article. There are more than 250 cat breeds in the world: short or longhaired, friendly or independent, fascinating and mysterious, but there is one thing that unites them all: they are all incredibly beautiful. Those who want to have a […]

Factors in the Price of the Bengal Cat

“Not all Bengal cats have the same price, because they are not all the same” One of the greatest joys and illusions in life is when the new pet comes home. And more if this is one of the most exotic pets in the world, the spectacular Bengal cat . A real miniature leopard running and playing around the […]

Bengal cat. Everything you did not know about this curious Breed of Cats.

Bengal cat. Everything you did not know about this curious Breed of Cats. Have you ever imagined living in your home with a little leopard? Well, people who share their home with a beautiful Bengal cat can tell you about the closest thing to having that experience. The Bengal cats and Bengal cats are cats that belong to a curious […]