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Do Bengal Cats Like The Cold?

Do Bengal Cats Like The Cold?

We recently took a look at whether or not Bengal cats like hot weather (you can check out our article on that here) but what about the cold? You might already think you know the answer to this (based on your cat’s behavior), but what’s the real truth about Bengal cats’ temperature preferences?

The truth is, Bengal cats tend to prefer warmer weather. If you’ve spent any time observing your Bengal cat (or any cat, for that matter), this sighting will likely carry this old one. What are the chances that your cat will find a cold place in the house? Next to nothing! Even on a hot, boiling day, your cat isn’t looking to relax too much. But what about your cat who will find a warm place? For example, when the sun’s rays pass through a crack in the curtains. In this circumstance, you can be sure that your cat will be looking for all the warmth he can find.

Cats prefer warmer temperatures because it helps them conserve the energy needed (in nature at least) to hunt and protect themselves from predators. When the mercury drops, your cat must use more energy to stay warm. When it is warmer (within reason), your cat is more easily able to conserve its energy level. From an evolutionary and biological standpoint, this helps explain why cats prefer to seek warmer weather over colder weather. Your Bengal prefers to be in warmer temperatures as it helps them conserve energy and prepare for all the rigors of nature! If your cat is able to conserve energy, this is clearly beneficial from an evolutionary and survival standpoint.


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