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Do Bengal Cats Roar?

The short answer is, No! Contrary to popular belief, Bengal cats do not roar like Asian Bengal leopards do. In fact, they have other forms of communication that they use to express their feelings.

Bengal cats, in general, don’t roar, instead they purr and have many other types of vocal jargon. And if you’re confused about the difference between a purr and a roar, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Usually larger cats like lions and leopards roar while smaller cats like Bengal kittens purr. This is due to the difference in the structure of their throat. So, Bengal cats can never roar because their throats are not designed that way.

Do Bengal Cats Roar?

As you may already know, Bengal cats love to communicate and express their feelings. To help you better understand your cat, we are sharing the most common noises of a Bengal:


Instead of roaring, the Bengal cats growl. The funny thing is that the roars and growls are very similar. In fact, this is the reason why most people believe the Bengals can roar. But in reality, these cats are very domestic and similar to regular cat breeds. They usually growl when they are afraid or feel attacked by someone. This is a warning for a person to keep their feet away when a Bengal cat growls. Sometimes they also growl to protect their belongings or babies.


Meow is vocal jargon common to all cats. Bengals are no different, they usually meow when seeking the attention of others. Yes, Bengal cats are great attention seekers! Sometimes their meows can have other meanings as well. Like they can meow at you to fill their food bowl or their water dish or even when they want outside. Also, if your cat meows for a very long time, it may indicate that the cat is in pain or is upset. Take a walk to find out the real problem.


Yes, cats are chirping! Bengals are often excited, excited or when they are very happy. They may chirp to greet you or while chasing a colorful butterfly. Sometimes they even tweet in frustration. In addition, this sound is louder than other domestic cats. It’s both funny and sweet.


A Bengal hums when in a good mood. He may purr while cuddling or when he wants to show affection to the caregiver. So the next time a Bengal mutters to you, know that she is taking advantage of your presence.


A sound that indicates your cat is not in a good mood and is ready to fight. Bengals often hiss when they feel afraid or threatened by someone or something.

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