Does the Bengal cat like water? How to wash a bengal cat? How to care for a Bengal cat's fur? Should a Bengal cat's fur be trimmed?

Does the Bengal cat Wash?

Haircare of Bengal cats is quite easy. These cats, which are short-haired breed, should not have their hair cut. In addition to hair care, which is not much different from a normal cat, it is sufficient to comb it every 3-4 days or once a week. In this way, hair care can be done. If you apply cat hair powders that make their hair shiny and clean, their hair will look very shiny and attractive. These Bengal cats, which dry later than other cats when washed, can get used to water on their own if they are not frightened with water when they are kittens. You can dry this cat, which takes time to dry compared to others, by drying it thoroughly after bathing.

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