My cat is not mating. What should I do? Is there a problem with my cat? Our user asked, we answered.

How does a cat mate during mating season?


I have a Bengal cat that I have lived with for almost 3 years and is the sweetest to see outside. It is now in mating season. I don’t know how the cat mates. I didn’t do any cat breeding either. I am not knowledgeable in these matters. Although my cat is quite sensitive, he is someone who makes the world stand up and compels him to take a taxi even a short distance, let alone travels. He is famous for crying along the way. Even if I leave the outside door open, he does not go and look, on the contrary, he hides inside in case someone might come. But the whole show is mine, so don’t get me wrong, he’s not a timid person. Anyway, after my girlfriend’s insistence; I took him to meet my friend’s cat 🙂 I met a seriously beautiful and funny Bengal cat. There is about 2 years difference between them. Mine is bigger. The first evening, they were both very tense, they ruined us. Then my girlfriend said if you want to stay with you for the weekend, maybe they will get used to it. I agreed. I started observing this beautiful couple of Bengal cats. They have been together for 3 days. When my girlfriend’s cat got used to the house after she left, she started to hang out very easily. After a while, he started walking after my cat. My cat is running she is chasing her. But never violence. my big cat is trying to paw now and then. But my girlfriend’s cat never responds, even trying to lick her tail or something.

My girlfriend would take it with her on Monday, but she left me saying they need a little more time. I am at work from morning till night. My mind is stuck with cats. These two will hang out together until Friday.

Do you think we are doing the right thing? Is this process normal? Is it natural for my cat to be this angry? The first night, when I was trying to calm him down, he pawed my face. The top of my eyebrow has opened 🙁 She’s very calm towards me right now. She even wants to come and play with me all the time, she comes to my lap. But she has one eye on my girlfriend’s cat. I try to show both of them the same love. I don’t want them to be jealous of each other or feel bad. My cat is someone who never has a problem in times of anger. Even most people are disturbed by the sound, but mine makes an extremely sweet voice and does not yell too much. She always hangs on my lap during that week.

Maybe I embarked on such an event to make him happy. Do you think I made a mistake? Or do they have to hang out on their own for a few weeks? I would be very grateful if you could guide me.


First of all, thank you for asking this question that can happen to any cat owner.
It is normal for other cat breeds, such as these Bengal cats, to behave this way. Your cat has never seen your girlfriend’s cat before. As far as we understand from what you have told us, he has not had many cats in his life. Cat mating never happened. They will get used to it over time. The fact that they don’t fight on the first date shows that they can be friends. We think you should be patient for a few more weeks.


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