What is the price of a bengal cat? What are the factors affecting the price? What is the difference between cheap bengal cat and expensive bengal cat?

How much does a Bengal cat cost?

Bengal Cat Price

The Bengal cat is a special breed as a pedigree. The fact that it is intelligent compared to other cats and its remarkable leopard pattern has increased the demand for this cat. Finding someone to adopt a baby Bengal for free is very difficult. Therefore, it is usually purchased.

Some factors determine the price of the Bengal cat in selling. Apart from age, gender, and care, the most important feature determining the price is the color and clarity of the leopard pattern. According to these criteria, the price of a Bengal cat varies between $ 1000 and $ 3500. Being educated or uneducated can also cause prices to change. Pay attention to this. What the caregiver contributes to the cat, whether it provides toilet training or not are the most important factors affecting the price. We think this smart and noble cat with a trained and beautiful leopard pattern deserves these prices.

Factors Affecting Bengal Cat Prices

If you are buying a Bengal cat, the following criteria will affect the price. We recommend that you consider these.

1) Generation: When looking for a Bengal kitten, you’ll mostly find SBT (Stud Book Tradition) Bengals. These are kittens that are produced from Bengals being bred to Bengals and are at least 4 generations removed from the Asian Leopard Cat. If you stumble across Bengals that are higher generations (called F2 or F3 Bengals), these kittens will usually cost more and have additional care requirements. SBT’s are generally the best choice for a pet owner.

2) Quality: Its pattern, color, energy, and bright eye determine the quality of the Bengal cat.

3) Neutering

4) Having been checked by the veterinarian and having a certificate

5) Having been vaccinated

6) Being a microchip

7) Having toys for a Bengal cat

8) Testing: Since the Bengal cat is a special breed, genetic and health tests can be performed. If this test is done, the price of the Bengal cat will increase.

9) Having been purchased from a registered breeder: Some sellers do this unregistered job, while others do it as experts.

When buying a Bengal cat, it is useful to pay attention to these criteria. This cat, who will be our friend, will share a life with us for years. In order not to upset him and not to be upset by ourselves, let’s purchase by thinking and researching.

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