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Are you interested in Bengal cats? Here you can find out more in detail!

And since no one knows better about Bengal cats than a breeder, I conducted an interview with a Bengal cat breeder. I hope that this will give you the information about Bengal cats that you need to make a decision if you are interested in Bengal cats.

How long have you been breeding Bengal and what made you do it?

We have been breeding Bengal cats since 2004. We actually only wanted to raise one litter, but the affection and the fascinating character of the Bengals captivated us so much that we stuck with it. So be careful: Bengal cats are addicting!

How would you describe the Bengal cat in general?

The Bengal cat is the result of a cross between the Asian leopard cat (ALC) and domestic cat breeds. Among other things, the ALC were mated with normal house cats, Siamese cats and Abyssinian cats. The size of the Bengal roughly corresponds to that of the house cat.

bengal cat

What is so fascinating about Bengal, so what makes this breed of cats so unique?

When Bengal cats grow up with the right breeder, they are extremely people-oriented and cuddly. They love water and many Bengali showers or baths with their owners if they are allowed to. They are very playful, e.g. fetching play mice, bottle caps or the like is great fun for them.

How would you describe the essence of the Bengal cat?

As already described, Bengali are particularly characterized by their extreme human focus. They are the ideal cat for everyone who loves it when their cat cuddles and plays with them a lot. However, the Bengal cat is not suitable if you want peace and quiet and the cat should only come to people for a short time. A Bengal cat can be a real “stalker” :-).

What should someone know who wants to buy two kittens or adult Bengal cats? Are there any special features to consider? Are they suitable for beginners?

Since the price of Bengal cats is slightly higher than that of many pedigree cats, there are quite a few black sheep among breeders who believe that animals can be used to make money without doing much. Anyone interested in Bengal cats should definitely visit the breeder. On site, laypeople can usually see whether the breeder treats his animals properly. The Bengal kittens and the adult Bengals should always be very trusting and curiously inspect visitors or cuddle with them. If a breed is accepted by the veterinary office, this also gives the new owners a certain security, since the veterinary offices strictly control the breeding premises and the knowledge of the breeder.

As a breeder, what do you have to pay attention to so that healthy kittens are born?

As with many pedigree cats and domestic cats, the Bengals have heart disease HCM. Bengal cat breeders should therefore have their animals regularly examined by a special ultrasound. A prospective customer should check whether the breeder is doing everything possible to rule out these and other diseases that are typical for cats. Other important tests are: PK-def genetic test and laboratory tests to rule out the deadly diseases FIP / FIV / leukosis. Before the handover of small cats, a basic examination by a veterinarian should be carried out in order to rule out heart murmurs and infectious diseases when moving into the new home. Our kittens are examined every three days before they are handed over to the new owners and they also receive a written health certificate from the veterinarian.

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