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Top 15 Hypoallergenic Cat Breeds

In this article, discover the list of the most hypoallergenic cat breeds. Some of them might please you.

The Larousse dictionary defines the word hypoallergenic as a “substance that causes few allergic reactions  ”. In France, nearly 25% of French people are allergic to cats . The symptoms – sneezing, runny nose, rash, red eyes – are caused by a secretoglobin protein (FEL d1).

This allergen is present produced in the saliva and the sebaceous glands of the cat . When he grooms himself, this protein spreads over the hairs. Fortunately, there are breeds of hypoallergenic cats. Without further ado, find out which ones.

The Cornish Rex

The Cornish Rex

The Cornish Rex is a cat that does not go unnoticed . It must be said that this feline has an atypical physique: an arched back, an elongated muzzle, a pair of large ears and a mysterious look. This cat is renowned for its silky , slightly wavy fur , as well as its small whiskers.

Note that the Cornish Rex is the ideal companion for people with allergies . Like all cats, his skin secretes FEL d1, an allergenic protein . But this cat has little body hair . Therefore, there are no hairs falling all over the house.

The Devon Rex

The Devon Rex is a hypoallergenic cat breed . In fact, it is suitable for people with allergies . This quadruped has a short, fine and fluffy coat . This feline is a real pot of glue that needs to be the center of attention. In other words, the Devon Rex cannot stand loneliness and needs to feel the presence of its master.

This ball of fur is overflowing with energy : it loves to climb and jump everywhere. In fact, this breed of cat prefers to live in a house with a garden. In an apartment, it is recommended to install a cat tree. On the health side, the Devon Rex can develop skin infections such as dermatitis.

The Sphynx

It needs no introduction: the Sphynx is one of the favorite cat breeds of the French. The reason ? His unique physique. Indeed, this tomcat is nicknamed “the naked cat ”. But this name is false because it has a very fine down .

Its almost non-existent coat means that it produces little FEL D1 protein . Unsurprisingly, the lack of hair acts as a shield for allergy sufferers . Besides this characteristic, the Sphynx is an easy-going animal . Very affectionate, he likes to spend time on the lap of his favorite human. He is also kind to children.

The Balinese

The Balinese is sometimes confused with the Siamese . But he is recognizable thanks to his long hair. This breed of cat is perfect for owners prone to allergies . Indeed, the Balinese produces few Fel D1 proteins. In fact, it is one of the hypoallergenic cat breeds .

Contrary to what one might think, this cat loses very little hair. This quality reduces the spread of the allergenic protein in the house. This feline needs to stretch its legs and hunt. On the character side, the Balinese is close to his masters and children.

Bengal Cats

You may not realize it, but the Bengal is a cat hypoallergenic. This elegant animal is the result of a cross between a domestic cat and an Asian leopard cat, as evidenced by its spotted coat. One of the favorite breeds of the French is an endearing and easy-going life companion.

This domestic leopard cub loves spending time with its adoptive family. But his greatest joy is to indulge in his favorite hobby: hunting. Indeed, the Bengal is an excellent hunter who needs to spend time outdoors. Regarding his diet, it is advisable to give him kibble specially designed for his breed.

The Siamese

The Siamese is considered a hypoallergenic cat breed . This tomcat wears a magnificent dress recognizable among a thousand. And the least we can say is that the latter behaves like a real diva.

Indeed, the Siamese is renowned for its changeable mood . But he remains an excellent pet . He needs to be reassured at all times, and never leaves his master behind. Be careful, this ball of fur is extremely talkative. She tends to meow for a yes or a no.

The Siberian

The Siberian has an extremely dense and silky mid-length coat . As surprising as it may seem, the Siberian is the cat that produces the least Fel D1 protein. Note that this cat can cause allergic reactions .

This quadruped is a real glue with its owner, and shows tenderness towards him. Easygoing, the Siberian is a cocktail of tenderness and kindness. An outstanding hunter, he needs space to track down his prey.

The Oriental

Low hair loss, low production of Fel D1 protein… The Oriental is suitable for people with allergies . This long-bodied cat shares many points in common with the Siamese , starting with a possessive nature.

Indeed, the Oriental is very attached to his master, and this feeling must be reciprocal. This ball of fur can’t help but follow him everywhere. As you will have understood, this quadruped and loneliness do not go well together. Note that this dog-cat can be stubborn when he does not get what he wants. But the Oriental nevertheless remains a very endearing cat.

The Russian Blue

The Russian Blue belongs to the category of hypoallergenic cats . Like its congeners, it produces little Fel D1 protein. Additionally, its thick coat curbs the spread of allergens . The Russian Blue is an animal that easily attaches to its owner.

At home, a calm environment and naps on the sofa are more than enough to keep him happy. But this mammal likes to explore the world around it. Indeed, his curious nature pushes him out of his comfort zone. Note that this four-legged companion is wary of strangers.

The Korat

Unknown in France, the Korat is a breed of cat originating from Thailand. Recognizable by its gray coat and green eyes, this tomcat has no undercoat and secretes less Fel D1 than other breeds. People prone to allergies should get along well with him.

Easy to train and affectionate, the Korat is very kind and very attached to its owner. This adorable ball of fur needs to live in a quiet environment because he can’t stand noise and commotion. His master must encourage him to exercise to keep him healthy. The Korat does not feel comfortable in the presence of strangers.

The Laperm

A relatively unknown breed, the Laperm produces allergens , but it is one of the cats that lose little hair . This combination is perfect for allergy sufferers . In addition, this cat is very affectionate and resourceful . He appreciates caresses and solitude.

This medium-sized cat is a very curious animal . One of his favorite activities is to look out the window to spy on the neighborhood. The Laperm also loves physical activities . Indeed, he needs to stretch his legs. Note that this ball of fur gets along well with other animals, such as dogs. Its life expectancy varies between 13 and 20 years.

The Javanese

The Javanese is compatible with masters prone to allergies . This cat is a real starlet who multiplies whims. Moreover, he does not support the presence of other animals . He needs to monopolize the attention on him. For example, he does not hesitate to follow his owner everywhere to show him that he exists. Unsurprisingly, my means of communication consists of meowing for a good part of the day.

This hypoallergenic cat needs space to thrive, hunt and mark its territory. He gets along very well with children and loves to play with them. Note that the Javanese has excellent health. Its life expectancy is between 10 and 18 years.

The Burmese

The Burmese is not recognized as a hypoallergenic breed . However, it rarely sheds , and this characteristic makes it a perfect match for people with allergies . At home, this tomcat makes his masters happy as he is so kind and affectionate.

This ball of fur cannot do without the presence of its owner . It is for this reason that he resents loneliness badly . Unsurprisingly, he gets along well with his snowdrifts and other animals. Curious, the Burmese likes to frolic in nature.

The Ocicat

Like the Burmese, the Ocicat rarely sheds . This exotic cat has breathtaking spotted fur. The Ocicat is a kind, faithful and caring animal. These qualities are highly valued by masters. Easy to train, this tomcat behaves like a dog : he loves to play ball. Despite its jovial air, this quadruped is very sensitive, and its owners must be very careful with it.

The Abyssinian

The Abyssinian is recognizable thanks to its pointed ears and its impressive musculature . This breed of cat is a ball of energy on legs. This cat needs to exercise as it pleases through games and hunting sessions. This mammal is also an excellent companion , and its world revolves around its masters. He loves caresses and other cajoling.

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