Why does the cat eat grass? What is the disease? What should I do? Our user asked, we answered.


Hello, is this a disease? Does it need to be treated? I’m asking out of curiosity. Why do cats eat grass? Years ago, when I was sitting in the park with my family, I saw a stray cat eating grass in the park. I was very surprised at that moment. This was stuck in my head. When I asked a few people why cats eat grass, most people said they didn’t know, and a few people said they did because of a headache. I was surprised that they ate grass as a result of a headache. I didn’t dwell on this topic much later, but now I’m stuck, why do cats eat grass?
Crazy questions in my mind again, thank you very much in advance to those who have clarified this issue.

cats eat grass – what do cats eat grass


Cats who feel that their stomachs are uncomfortable to try to relax their digestive systems by eating grass and similar herbs. We may not observe it in cats with constipation, diarrhea, and excessive hair swallowing.

cats eat grass – what do cats eat grass

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