Why Do Kittens Eat Sand? Is your cat sick? Is it normal for cats to eat sand? Here is the reason.

Why Do Kittens Eat Sand?

Kittens may eat litter once or several times and never do it again. Others may repeat this behavior frequently. So why are they doing this? This could be due to several factors.

Curiosity: Cats explore the world around them by walking, playing, and, frankly, eating. It is normal for them to touch and eat many things during the learning process. This can be alarming at times. If your cat is overly curious and tries to eat or chew everything, block her access to certain places or rooms.

Anemia: The disease we call anemia is caused by the deficiency of red blood cells. This can cause your cat to eat litter, which can be fatal. If this happens, you should keep your kitten away from parasites and consult a veterinarian.

Vitamin or Mineral Deficiency: The problem of vitamin or mineral deficiency is more common in adult cats, but it also occurs in kittens. Such a deficiency may cause your cat to eat sand. Take your cat to a veterinarian to detect this condition.

Remember, the habit of eating sand can be an indicator of physiological disease.


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