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Why Does My Bengal Cat Meow At Night?

You may have noticed that your Bengal cat meows and is loud at night, and you might be wondering what the cause was. This can be frustrating and embarrassing, and can cause sleepless nights and even resentment towards your cat. Let’s take a look at and determine why your cat makes noise and meows loudly at night, and what – if anything-yo can do to stop that. If your Bengal cat meows a lot during the day, check out our article on why Bengal cats talk so much.

Why Does My Bengal Cat Meow At Night?

Why Does My Bengal Cat Meow At Night? What’s the solution?

There are a number of reasons your Bengal may meow at nighttime.

Natural Night Activity – As we have established in other articles, Bengal cats (like all domestic cats) are crepuscular animals, which means they are most active at dusk (cats are not really nocturnal, as many believe). This means that your cat is more likely to be active in the evening and possibly at night, and meowing could be a natural extension of that. There is a British English saying for ‘have a night on the tiles’, which comes from the common idea of ​​a group of cats crying all night on the tiles of a house (the saying basically means having a big night ). Younger cats mostly tend to be more active and vocal at night, as their instinct tells them that at night is a good time to go out and hunt!

Boredom – Your Bengal cat may meow at night out of boredom, especially if he hasn’t had enough opportunities during the day to burn off energy. The meow can be your Bengal simply expressing excessive energy that hasn’t had a proper output during the day. The solution here is to make sure your cat is entertained and given plenty of opportunities to play. Also make sure you have plenty of toys for your cat. Check out our guide here to the best toys for Bengal cats for more information on great toy options for your cat that will reduce boredom!

Old age – As cats get older, they can develop Cognitive Dysfunction Syndrome (CDS). One of the symptoms of CD is increased vocalization, especially at night. If your Bengal is building up in years, then this may be the cause of their nighttime noise!

Thyroid Problems – Excessive vocalization – especially at night – can be a symptom of an overactive thyroid or kidney in cats. Consider seeing your vet if your cat has suddenly started meowing more at night, as there may be treatments and other options to tackle the thyroid issues that make your Bengal meow at night.

Outdoor cat Feeling trapped inside – If you have a cat, it is primarily an outdoor animal, and is then brought inside at night in order to be safer at night, then this could explain your cat of Bengal meowing at night. Some predominantly outdoor cats may feel trapped if they are forced to be indoors at night. Over time, your cat will hopefully adapt. Depending on the safety of your property and neighborhood, you may also be better served by installing a flap so your Bengal can go out at night if they wish. However, be aware that this increases the risk of injury or harm to your Bengal.

Mating – Very loud bellowing and screaming may indicate mating at night. We recommend that you have your cat deexed (unless you intend to breed) to eliminate the potential of this.
What you need to do now is get to work determining which of them is the cause of your Bengal meow at night. Systematically work through the list, and you should find your cause and therefore your solution to the excessive nighttime meowing in your Bengal cat.


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